Sunday, October 30, 2011

Listen to the Voice

Some months ago it was decided that I would come to a part this weekend in PA. My bgf wanted to come, but because of her stroke in April she is not able to drive. My coming and bringing her was a gift.

I had no idea why, but I started gathering "camping" stuff for the trip. I bought a small sterno type burner, a kettle, pot and pan. I thought it was for the trip to Tucson in January. I was driven to get the stuff, and could not explain it when asked.

Metro had water on sale last week. Two cases of 24 for $5.00. I had been buying them like crazy, but still had 2 cases in the car when I headed to upstate NY to fetch my bgf, spend the night there, and then head to PA.

This is all related, and I will get to that soon.

Friday we drove down to PA, and spend the night with Archie, and his family. We woke up Saturday morning to snow!! It snowed all day. At 5PM the hydro went out. No heat, no lights, no water, no Internet. It is still out.

Thankfully Archie has a generator, and kerosene heater, and I have an Internet stick! I also have a camp stove, water, ground coffee, and a French Press. All the things that I knew somehow I needed to bring for this trip.

I listened to the voice. I didn't know why at the time, but I knew it was important. A good listen.

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