Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday April 2, & Sunday April 3, 2011
4 instructors
8 classes
4 choices
morning and afternoon classes
nutrition snacks
lunch for full day registrants
$50.00 per class (kit fees extra)
$10.00 per class discount if you book 4
full information soon at

Flirt Fling

Over the past week we have been working had putting the final touches to some of the aspects of the Fling. Choosing what to teach, making samples, getting print material ready,,,, I hope to be able to post more by the end of the day

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Fling

We had a wonderful evening yesterday. We hosted a working diner for the women we have invited to be instructors at the Flirt Fling. (April 2 & 3/11)

Each instructor will teach 2 different classes twice
Morning and afternoon classes
Morning and afternoon nutrition breaks
Lunch provided
$50.00 per class of 4 for $160.00
Class information and registration will be posted at when available. I will keep you posted. So keep watching.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flirt Spring Fling!!

The Spring Fling is coming together!!

We've had to change the date because the space was not available. We are now booked for April 2 & 3/11

Morning and afternoon classes each day.
Lunch provided.
Four instructors.
Limited space.

Purchase per class, or buy 4 for a discount!

More information of classes and prices to come!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The End.The Begining.

Yesterday was the last full day for us in Tucson .After spending part of the morning organizing our purchases and the car, we set off on our final adventure. Sabino Canyon!

The Canyon is at the north east corner of the valley that cradles Tuscon, and is part of the Santa Catalina Mountain range. This time of year the desert canyon is quiet and the colours are muted. In a month it will be full of colour. The blue sky was stunning though.

We took the tram the 3.8 miles to the top of the canyon and walked down. We followed the stream that runs through the canyon . The stream is feed by the rain/snow run of higher in the hills. No rain or snow, no stream.

Today starts a new adventure. Two really. One for each of us. LA is flying out of Tucson through Denver, and home. I will be start the trek back as well, but over land.

I'm still unsure of the route I will take. I know I want to go to Denver from here, but I don.t want to go north to Flaggstaff and over, or east to El Paso and north. I've driven on both these roads before, and would like something new.

Maybe I'll flip a coin after I drop LA off at the airport!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The West is Alive

       Doc Holiday and Jablonski.

The pictures are developed and back from the shop from the Tombstone trip.

A few years ago my BGF had said that the main street of Tombstone still looked like it did during the movie that we had just seen. I took our little band off on Monday to see if in face that were true. And for the most part it is! Who knew!

The center of the street is paved, but the shoulder are gravel. The side walks are boards. The place closes at 5 PM.

 This fellow was a customer, not an actor like Doc was.

So, my BGF was right. Not much has changed in Tombstone over the past 150 years since the Erps were here, and they had their little gun fight.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tucson and More

Year after year when we have come to Tucson, we arrive the day before the show, work like fiends, and leave a day or 2 after. What we see of Tucson and area is what we see out the car window on the way to 'work'. Each year we say "I want to see this show, or go to that place or check out something." Each year it does not happen.

Well, that was until this year. Since we are not working a show, we have time to explore.

Years ago my BGF and I were watching the movie Tombstone, and she mentioned that the man street still looks like it does in the movie. Right. Since then I have been wanting to go and check it out for myself. To prove her wrong I'm sure, but to see a piece of history none the less. Each year we have been short on time, and it didn't happen.

Yesterday the missus and I took Jablonski for a ride in the countryside. We headed south east from here towards El Paso, turned south at Benson, and headed for Tombstone. We climbed higher into the mountains, and it got cooler and cooler. The overcast skis gave way to cold rain and show. SNOW in the desert?!?!? And a cold wind.

When I get my pictures developed I will post some and tell you what we found when we got to Tombstone.