Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The West is Alive

       Doc Holiday and Jablonski.

The pictures are developed and back from the shop from the Tombstone trip.

A few years ago my BGF had said that the main street of Tombstone still looked like it did during the movie that we had just seen. I took our little band off on Monday to see if in face that were true. And for the most part it is! Who knew!

The center of the street is paved, but the shoulder are gravel. The side walks are boards. The place closes at 5 PM.

 This fellow was a customer, not an actor like Doc was.

So, my BGF was right. Not much has changed in Tombstone over the past 150 years since the Erps were here, and they had their little gun fight.

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  1. Like your developing company. Mighty familiar looking. ;-)