Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tucson and More

Year after year when we have come to Tucson, we arrive the day before the show, work like fiends, and leave a day or 2 after. What we see of Tucson and area is what we see out the car window on the way to 'work'. Each year we say "I want to see this show, or go to that place or check out something." Each year it does not happen.

Well, that was until this year. Since we are not working a show, we have time to explore.

Years ago my BGF and I were watching the movie Tombstone, and she mentioned that the man street still looks like it does in the movie. Right. Since then I have been wanting to go and check it out for myself. To prove her wrong I'm sure, but to see a piece of history none the less. Each year we have been short on time, and it didn't happen.

Yesterday the missus and I took Jablonski for a ride in the countryside. We headed south east from here towards El Paso, turned south at Benson, and headed for Tombstone. We climbed higher into the mountains, and it got cooler and cooler. The overcast skis gave way to cold rain and show. SNOW in the desert?!?!? And a cold wind.

When I get my pictures developed I will post some and tell you what we found when we got to Tombstone.