Sunday, February 6, 2011

The End.The Begining.

Yesterday was the last full day for us in Tucson .After spending part of the morning organizing our purchases and the car, we set off on our final adventure. Sabino Canyon!

The Canyon is at the north east corner of the valley that cradles Tuscon, and is part of the Santa Catalina Mountain range. This time of year the desert canyon is quiet and the colours are muted. In a month it will be full of colour. The blue sky was stunning though.

We took the tram the 3.8 miles to the top of the canyon and walked down. We followed the stream that runs through the canyon . The stream is feed by the rain/snow run of higher in the hills. No rain or snow, no stream.

Today starts a new adventure. Two really. One for each of us. LA is flying out of Tucson through Denver, and home. I will be start the trek back as well, but over land.

I'm still unsure of the route I will take. I know I want to go to Denver from here, but I don.t want to go north to Flaggstaff and over, or east to El Paso and north. I've driven on both these roads before, and would like something new.

Maybe I'll flip a coin after I drop LA off at the airport!


  1. Have a safe trip home and enjoy your goodies once you get there. I finally got all my beads unpacked yesterday.