Monday, April 8, 2013

So Many Colours!!!

I "own" a small jewellery design company, Flirt. On paper it's mine, but the driving force behind is is my spouse, Laurie-Anne. A few years ago we were looking for a way to lower the price of some of the items we were making with sterling silver wire.

What we found was a company called ParaWire.  We love this wire!! 

This is a crafting wire with a copper core, and fine silver plate, and enamel coat. It does not tarnish, and comes in great colours. We found that it looked and worked like silver wire. We also found that it didn't  tool mark like other crafting wire we tried. 

We could not find a company here is town that was selling it. So, we started carrying it ourselves. We now have a full array of colours, and sizes from 14 gauge to 32 gauge., including square and half-round.

If you are interested in more information you can contact us at We offer wholesale and volume discounts.

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