Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Laurie-Anne Clinton added 2 new photos.
Flirt's previous post referred to Bijoux, Bijoux, Fall 2015: Jewellery Report.
Designers today command control of the reins and direction they choose to take with their designs.
We don't have to fall in to the category of a Stringer, Metalsmith, Glass blower, Wire Worker, Seedbeeder etc.
In fact we are encouraged to explore the many designs, shapes and materials available.
Here's what stood out for me in the Bijoux article;
"The Choker Hold"
The chokers hitting the catwalks eschewed any association with delicacy.
These necklaces are linear and strong, statement makers of the paired down variety. 
Here's a Flirt designed necklace called Horsebit.
Bold, pure, unassuming.
Composed of Ebony wood and stainless steel chain with a Gucci inspired clasp.

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