Monday, November 22, 2010

Battle of the Blades

Last evening a group of us , well we were only 4, went to see the last night of competition for The Battle of the Blades. For those who don't know this CBC program, it is a kin to Dancing with the Stars but with a Canadian twist. It's a mix of professional female pairs or dance skaters, partned with retired NHL hockey players. The boys have to learn figure skating on skates with toe picks, as well as all the figure skating moves and tricks.

We had seats at the middle of the rink so that we could see all of the action. LA and her friend Nancy moved up to 2 empty seats right next to the ice, and I'm sure can be seen in the program.
Week 7 - Performance Week 7 -  Performance Week 7 - Performance

Tonight they crown the champion, and I'll be in Guelph at 8PM and will miss it. Poop! TG for PVRs

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  1. So, the Russians won. Good on them. They really did do a good job. I would have liked to have seen SLB win though.