Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have a busy week coming up. Today I spend the afternoon at the hairdresser's. Tomorrow we have a 'show' on the set of one of LA's movie/show contacts. Saturday we are in Mississauga for a show, and next Monday I drive down to see my friend Linda and pick up some supplies are are being delivered to her place. She lives in up state New York. I can save a lot of money on duty and taxes by going over to get the supplies. Yes, it is cheaper than paying the taxes!

So, after 3 weeks of watching LA with her cold, helping her get over it, and working at not getting it myself, 2 things have happened. The first is that she has gotten better, but it took a long time. The second of course is that I now have it! Full nasal sinuses, sore throat, chesty, headache, slight fever, and generally feeling like poop.

There is never a good time to get sick I'm sure, but the holiday season is one of the worst. So I will drink my fluids, get as much rest as I can, wash my hands often, not kiss anyone, stay away for the babies in the family, take extra vitamins, and keep my cold mist humidifier full and going. I may even whine a little to get some TLC :)

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