Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yesterday I had the chance to travel to Upstate New York. I got to travel through Buffalo where I 90 was closed for 2 hours last week because of an accident and snow fall. Yep, they got snow! Something I've not seen yet in Toronto. I packed extra food, water and blankets in case the same thing happened this time. I was safe though. The roads were fine.

There was some  snow around St. Catherine's and then again between Rochester and Syracuse, but not much. Not like growing up in the Ottawa Vally where we would get over 10 feet a year, and snow drifts 4+ feet high. I am grateful that I learned to drive in those winter conditions. It makes days like yesterday a breeze.

Today I will be traveling back through those areas. I've not looked at the weather yet, but the problem areas were calling for up to 6 inches yesterday and over night. Lets see what happens today.

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