Friday, December 17, 2010


I do not believe what MAC users tell me. They are not easier to use at all! Up date this, log into that, back-up something else ... and on and on.

For about a month, 2 of LA's MAC/Apple products have been dying. Her iMac (computer) and her iPhone (cellphone).The computer worked it's way from the "pin wheele of death" to the "blue screen of death" in about 2 weeks. We tried a number of different things to help it out, but it died! The HDD needed to be replaced. The iPhone battery has been discharging early and not holding a charge for more than 2 hours.

Not a prob with a PC.  Open the case .. pop out the old HDD .. pop in the new one ..reinstall the OS .. and Bob's your Uncle! No, MACs are a little different, and needed going into the shop. The folks at the apple store wanted $350 for a 250Gig HDD. I could buy a new Laptop for that! We found a place to do it for less than $200, and that with a terabyte drive. I installed the OS, which too over 2 hours.

Rogers was very understanding about the phone, and agreed to allow for an early upgrade for both of us to iPhone 4. The problem there .. they were our of stock and had no idea when they would be getting more. Apple would not tell them when to expect a shipment.

After 3 weeks of calling, waiting, waiting, and calling, we have the phones, they are set up, the iMac is working and all is well.

Did I say that I don't like MACs?

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