Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days

I was admonished by my favorite oldest niece yesterday for not posting anything new in a while. Between being sick, a show and an open house, it's been kinda busy.

We did a new craft show the beginning of the month. It was sponsored by the West Toronto Beading Guild, and was the first year for the show. And.. as with most first shows.. it wasn't that good. We covered the cost of the table, which is always good. LA used the other money that we earned to buy gifts. I didn't come home with any more money in my pocket than when I left. I would do it again because it is growing. LA is not so sure.

We had an open house last weekend to see if we could generate a few sales that did not happen at the craft show. A few folks stopped over and we sold a few things. That is our last event for 2010!

Just when it seemed it was a time to rest the phone started ringing for other things. We now have two bead stores wanting to put "Heavy Metal" components for their store. Good on us! In 2011 you will find these items at Beads of Colour in Dundas, and Rainbow Minerals in Ottawa.

So, it does not look like we will be taking a break over the holidays. Time to tie up some loose ends, and make sure all is in place for 2011.

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